Full Video Shoe Thrown at Arvind Kejriwal – Rohtak 2017

During an anti Demonetisation rally in Haryana Rohtak, a man threw a shoe at Delhi Chief Minster Arvind Kejriwal.

It is very disappointing to see BJP workers stooping to such a level, to physically attack a Chief Minster of a state.

This is nothing new for the Delhi CM, his political opponents has multiple times tried to attack him, be it with ink, shoes etc.

As you can see in the video, the person who attacked the Delhi CM has been caught and handed over to the police.


Decoding #OpenYourLegs going viral in India

Barkha Dutt on #OpenYourLegs

This Picture does summarise the story

If you read my posts during the election campaign, or if you indulged in the Politics and election debates on any social networking platform, be it Facebook, twitter or even comments sections of news sites, you know how abusive the fans/ trolls of the communist party that got majority in the general elections, can become. Their words may even seem like those of the criminals we sworn to hang. Continue reading

People will defend riots and murder if prefixed by religion


I really hope I am completely wrong on this one but the latest news do seem to be an indications that something big and very bad is coming towards us in the near future.

The news is about pune, one of the most diverse cities in the country, attracting everyone with its promising growth in the IT sector, the place you least expect to have any communal or regional tension, its the city of students and educated people. All this changed on sunday when some pictures which were ‘allegedly‘ depicting marathi warrior shiva ji & former shiv sena leader in bad way, the allies/ Maharashtra wing of the current ruling government (shiv sena) took to the streets and the witness described it as no less than a riot. Continue reading

Is congress supporting Modi by no competition & Vis a viz?

BJP is Congress

So AAP/ the Aam Admi Party its against the current ruling government, hence of their popular leader  Kumar Viswas is standing against Rahul Gandhi, announcing his decision as soon as they won against congress in Delhi. AAP leaders talk about Modi’s and Bjp’s corruption by hence they are sending in their legend killer Arwind Kejriwal. So they are doing what they say and  opposing people they claim to be corrupt and criminals.

Now if you see Seats for which BJP and congress are contesting for, none of them are pitching their big leaders against each other. For example, Modi has decided to contest from Varanasi, but non of the big names from congress are standing up against him, giving him a easy win from that state (until Kejriwal came up). Second example, Sonia Gandhi contests from Rae Bareli and Rahul Gandhi contests from Amethi, and none of the big leaders from BJP have decided to take on the prince they love to criticize.

BJP & Congress not trying to defeat each other but are supporting each other

There are lot of such examples, so what does this mean?
I have a theory, if you see the trend out there, Congress/UPA is definitely going to lose and that to with a huge margin, giving way to the next in Line the largest political alliance BJP/NDA. If AAP hadn’t come as an alternative, BJP would have won with a 51% margin and congress would have lead the opposition, and if we take history as reference all opposition does in parliment is make noise and not let it function with the empty blaming when in reality they are collusion.

Congress Ensuring Modi wins by no competition in Return congress get majority opposition, business as usual.

So even if BJP won they would need the type of opposition they gave in to congress, but if congress lost with a huge margin like they did in Delhi to AAP, they would have gotten the Anti-corruption organization as the majority opposition in the Parliament, which would have been bad for business. Just Imagine, every move the Govt made being closely being examined and the first sign of things going fishy and news cameras digging the dirt out.

Why are Pro-BJP so #$%&@ abusive on the internet?

I think this is Scaringly racist!

I think this is Scaringly racist!


31Dec 2015

Modi ji, is now the PM of India, Prices are still rising, corruption is rising, crime hasn’t stopped and the main thing that is still alive is the abusive nature of the Modi-BJP supporters (Bhakts)! Send me Screen shots and Links of these Bhakts that continue to be abusive on the internet!

IF YOU ARE A BJP Supporter and Do not abuse and insult people with vulgar language and do comments and if you find posts from Non BJP/ Anti BJP people to be abusive do share, we will post them too.


Click on the image to see post

Election season is here and we the current generation of Indians love giving our opinions, but what happened to the common courtesy and manners? Open TOI or HT Facebook posts, or even the AAP official page’s posts, and read the comments of the Pro BJP people, it is pretty scary as some of them are pretty racist and refer towards killing people for having the freedom of choice to pick an honest no criminal political organization. I am guessing this their way, since Modi’s actions of supporting Asaram, or giving tickets to dangerous criminals and corrupt people they have picked the abusive path.

If you Find such comments, Take a Screen Shot and post it on our FB page, with the link to where you found them. We will add them in the list below.

Here are few examples I randomly found – Click any image to view the post.



Can Modi/ Rahul fire criminals? AAP can!

Modi caught red handed cheating!

Modi caught red handed cheating!

AAP candidate, Mahendra Singh, about whom charges for criminal activities came up has be withdrawn from the Govt. but can Modi or Rahul fire such candidates out of their parties?

Lets vote for the honest candidate this election and defeat these corrupts, criminals & rapists no matter the party.

Read more at: AAP to replace North West Delhi candidate with Rakhi Birla

Arvind Kejriwal gives and Solutions to Corruption Problems

Arvind Kejriwal
I am personally a big fan of Arvind Kejriwal and I think this guy would make for a wonderful Prime Minister of the country.

Now I understand you may not like him or think he forming a political is a selfish motive, but the ideas about how this country should run and how to fix these BIG problems with simple solutions.

Also if you are frustrated of the these corruption problems then you will definitely love this video because he really takes it to them. I think its time he clarifies more who is going to lead what and who will be the PM candidate.

The Video is in Hindi, I hope they add subtitles so it makes it easy for every to understand.


I have been watching this guy since the lok pal movement, and it clearly visible that this is taking a toll on his health. He looks thin and weak and his hair has lost cause color, so if he is reading this blog, I wish him well and hope he takes care of hes health.