Arvind Kejriwal gives and Solutions to Corruption Problems

Arvind Kejriwal
I am personally a big fan of Arvind Kejriwal and I think this guy would make for a wonderful Prime Minister of the country.

Now I understand you may not like him or think he forming a political is a selfish motive, but the ideas about how this country should run and how to fix these BIG problems with simple solutions.

Also if you are frustrated of the these corruption problems then you will definitely love this video because he really takes it to them. I think its time he clarifies more who is going to lead what and who will be the PM candidate.

The Video is in Hindi, I hope they add subtitles so it makes it easy for every to understand.


I have been watching this guy since the lok pal movement, and it clearly visible that this is taking a toll on his health. He looks thin and weak and his hair has lost cause color, so if he is reading this blog, I wish him well and hope he takes care of hes health.


AAP uploads Numbers for Chief, Home and Prime Ministers

Delhi Police Beating Women

Delhi Police Beating Women

Aam Admi Party has shared the Home and Office numbers ministers holding very powerful positions in the country on the Facebook Page of India Against Corruption.

Sheila Dikshit

These are contact numbers of Shiela Dixit, Call her now and tell her that we want India Gate and Rajpath to remain open and Metro to function normally today. This is our country. AND WE WANT IT NOW…

Shiela Dixit, Chief Minister of Delhi
Email :
Office Phone: +91 11 23392020, +91 11 23392030
Office Fax : +91 11 23392111
Residence Phone : +91 11 23018716, +91 11 23018717
via Occupy Rajpath

Manmohan Singh

These are contact numbers of Manmohan Singh, Call him now and tell him that we want India Gate and Rajpath to remain open and Metro to function normally today. This is our country. AND WE WANT IT NOW…

Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India

91-11-23012312,23013149 Fax +91-11-23019545, 23016857
Residence Phone +91-11-23018939, 23011156
Parliament House Address +91-11-23017660,23019817
Fax +91-11-23014255 via Occupy Rajpath

Shushil Kumar Shinde

These are contact numbers of Shushil Kumar Shinde,

Call him now and tell him that we want India Gate and Rajpath to remain open and Metro to function normally today. This is our country. AND WE WANT IT NOW….

Sushil Kumar Shinde, Home Minister India

+91 11 23092462,23094686 ( Off.)
+91 11 23094221 (Fax)
+91 11 23017957,23017962 ( Res.)
+91 11 23017965 (Fax)

via Occupy Rajpath

Here is the Link to other phone numbers of other congress leaders including Sonia Gandhi if you need to ask them Questions.

These numbers are shared that you can democratically ask your elected leaders when you will get justice that has been delayed for many years, and I would urge you not to misuse this information in any illegal or undemocratic way.

Verma Committee Assigned to Amend Criminal Laws is Inviting Suggestions from All

Verma Committee has been assigned to prepare a report within 30 days on the basis of which  the Criminal Laws will be Amended relating to Safety of Women. The Committee is inviting suggestions and Ideas for possible Amendment in the Criminal Law and other laws that will lead to quicker conviction and harsher punishments for Sexual offenders through a Public News Papers issued in a National Newspaper.

Send your suggestions at or you can send in your messages through Fax on 011 – 23 092 675 by the latest of 5th January 2013.
Verma Commitee Rape Suggestions

How to Get Pepper Sprays Online in India

PepperSpray Self Defence

The recent uproar in Delhi has got me to start this blog which I had been procrastinating  from a long time now, and what I have seen today happened in Delhi has made me realize the the Govt. is not willing change and  so instead of being helpless we have to take our protection into our own hands. Pepper spray has been said to immobilize these criminals and give you enough time to get help or at least get of  the harms way.

Site Minimum
price (Rs)
Stock Status
Rediff Shop & Gift 499 60 559 In Stock
Olive Planet 305 0 305 Out of Stock
Hawkpepperspray 349 0 349 Error
ChilliGuard 200 20 220 In Stock
HealthKart 249 30 279 In Stock

Another thing I would like to ad is these sprays are not cheap and seeing the number of crimes go up in the country I think  a refill would be required every month. The Govt. should subsidize these things, make them tax free or at least schools, colleges and offices should make these things easily available to all the girls and women.

I will keep updating the list as I do more research and try to get list of local retailers in the list from different cities and figure out ways to get these essential things as cheaply as possible. Also I am pretty sure your local chemist has one of these.

Would like to know more from you, on this topic and how effective these things are and any cheaper and better thing you know about and are there any other issues you would like me to research and write about.