Decoding #OpenYourLegs going viral in India

Barkha Dutt on #OpenYourLegs

This Picture does summarise the story

If you read my posts during the election campaign, or if you indulged in the Politics and election debates on any social networking platform, be it Facebook, twitter or even comments sections of news sites, you know how abusive the fans/ trolls of the communist party that got majority in the general elections, can become. Their words may even seem like those of the criminals we sworn to hang.

So What Really Happened

It all started when @Vidyut whose in the centre of this conversation went to AAJ TAK and found out the fake voting system they have, about which she tweeted sharing the Image and some of the BJP supporters came in defence i.e. started with the insults.



Now this is the clear example of the Fake profiles these guys have been using! Same posts Different IDs, remember its not a retweet but multiple accounts pasting the same posts!
AAJ Tak Alleged Fake Poll

These Insults and sexual abuses were primarily by three twitter profiles in the Beginning @anarora22 (Anshita Arora – Profile now deleted, u can still find it on the google cache),@Nisha_Hindu(Nisha Singh #HDL)  and @Imam_shah (Fake Profile Mentioned). 

According to what I was able to look up, @Vidyut was criticising some of the decisions made by Modi, and more people joined in, while most of them were sexual abuses directly at her like calling her a lesbian others were about about her parents, @anarora22 even going up to say has 10 fathers (trying to insult her mother).
Link to that conversation here



Not being biased here but if you read @vidyut’s comments you will notice she’s a sport she didn’t lose her cool but she did maintain the sarcasm, giving the BJP commenters a taste of their own style of commenting. Which is when the BJP commenters lost their cool and asked if she would open her legs for the AAP leader, to which she asked if these girls aka ‘BJP Women’ would do the same for their leader. As more Pro-BJP joined in, the sexual insults increased towards her escalating the same topic to the level where a new #tag was created #OpenYourLegs.


This was the moment irony was created, all of a sudden people who have past tweets of abuse towards any one who didn’t agree with BJP or Modi started to become pro-femenism but still abused her, while rest of them still kept their normal way abusive commenting.

(Updated) The short movie is about how Power & corruption lead to crimes against women! I hope it sheds light in the minds of the misled!

So this went on,  the insulting #OpenYourLegs got viral and became the 2nd most trending topic in India, and then BJP social army did what they do best, mislead and abuse, and then people who joined in after got into the hype of blaming the girl.

Here are some highlights of comments Pro-BJP people posted



6 thoughts on “Decoding #OpenYourLegs going viral in India

  1. These people are so unbelievabily disgusting that I am lost for words. And you know what the worst part is, they actually made it seem like she started that trend.

  2. aaptards think they have a right to provoke hindu society and to get away with it , under silly garbs like “tolerance” , “secularism” , “freedom to….(apparently provoke and insult)”…last resort “hey I may be an aaptard but I am a hindu myself!”

    but as usual with their congress brand of aaptard politics (kejru wore muslim skull cap on television to attract muslim voters)….they assume a pseudo higher moral ground , little do they know , the average hindu on ground doesn’t really care. whenever he will be provoked and his society will be pushed to the wall at the cost of muslim appeasement , he will hit back and he will respond in whatever way he knows to vent out….be it maa-behen ki gaali.

    aaptards…..u do what u do best…..and we will do what we do best. but rest assured , there will be an action to every reaction and …..we…..will…..respond.

    count on it u aaptard.

    • Yes! Waiting for your reply smart intellectual person representing a communist party that manipulates world history in text books. (Sarcasm) Now please kindly explain where did this provoke a religion?
      Apparently I can see what you are trying to do, what you do best, taking religious offence when no one is talking about it. If you wanna debate lets talk about women safety! No one is provoking you! Now if you are the member of a alleged IT team that is paid to raise religious issues, to create unrest in my country for selfish reasons of a few. You should be ashamed and ignore what I said coz its your job.

      By the way did you just threaten to kill me or did you threaten to cause mass violent movement!!! Please don’t do any such thing! Its not Nice, Actually its stupid.

      • Just one word tighten your belt as u all apptards r going 2 get a shock up your bum after Delhi elections. Get a place booked 4 kejri in a good Agra Hospital

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