People will defend riots and murder if prefixed by religion


I really hope I am completely wrong on this one but the latest news do seem to be an indications that something big and very bad is coming towards us in the near future.

The news is about pune, one of the most diverse cities in the country, attracting everyone with its promising growth in the IT sector, the place you least expect to have any communal or regional tension, its the city of students and educated people. All this changed on sunday when some pictures which were ‘allegedly‘ depicting marathi warrior shiva ji & former shiv sena leader in bad way, the allies/ Maharashtra wing of the current ruling government (shiv sena) took to the streets and the witness described it as no less than a riot.

Source: Google News
Pune shuts down over offensive pics of Shivaji
Monday blues after the angry mobs took over parts of Pune

Then another scary after math happened, an IT employee completely unrelated to the above incidents is attacked by crowd of cowards and is killed, just because he belonged to a different religion. So this is what India has come to?

First you will attack anyone and everyone because some random guy posted some shit some where, and then you will play God, assign blame on some random guy because he belongs to a different faith.

The worst thing about this incident, people on social media are defending this incident, they are supporting the violence and the murder. They justify this by calling it, “‘Pahili wicket padli’, meaning, “The first wicket has fallen” indicating more will fall, more innocent people will die for no reason (or some stupid gain).

Is this the so called stupid superior Indian society we live in? A society that justifies rape and murder, where destruction of public property and attack on random people (till we are not affected).

Right now these are small incidents, but are happening across the country in small pockets, now if you do the math this is something big and something very bad in the making, lets realise this now and get together to stop it.

Source ‘The first wicket has fallen‘ : HT, DNA, ZEE News, International Business Times, First Post,


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