Inside Aam Admi Party events

AAP Bang

I visited few of the AAM ADMI PARTY events, and here are the few things I noticed, before, during and after the events,

16th March, Arwind Kejriwal Visits Banglore

Before the event

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AAP volunteers guiding the crowd so that everything goes in an orderly fashion, while some volunteers are playing the live music on stage and singing patriotic songs, old and new. There is a vibe of happiness and positivity in the crowd, people are walking in lines, helping each other, sharing water bottles, greeting each other with smiles. It had been a long time since I attended any such events, last one was the  the Anna movement in Delhi back in 2011.

During the Event

Arwind Kejriwal arrives on stage, and there is a huge cheer for him, everyone is excited to see him, and like me most of the crowd were first timers, with majority being among the less than 35 age group, it was inspiring seeing people even in their 80’s come out to support their country.

As soon as Kejriwal started to speak, a person belonging to BJP, tried to get on the stage and attack him or create some kind of chaos, thankfully the volunteers were ready for any such event, they peacefully prevented him from getting of the stage, and since these things have happened in the past, the police was present on the event and they quickly escorted him outside.

There was another small incident where a drunk guy wanted to get on stage, saying hes from BJP and deserves to talk, one of the volunteers told him Modi had come outside and on hearing this he went away, to greet him I guess.

This was not a political rally, it was the concert to the second Freedom movement.

Then Kejriwal announces he will visit Varanassi and probably challenge Modi, the crowd jumped in huge roar in his support, young, old, everyone up on their feets, shouting slogans of, ” Vande Matram, Bharat Mata ki Jai, Inquelab Zindabad”. I hadn’t seen the first fight of independence, but it felt like that, it was like Bhagat Singh announcing his plan to take on the British in their own game.

Jhadu Dance by volunteers

After the Event

After Arwind Kjeriwal and other leaders  standing from the Banglore constituency, left, it was time for the crowd of thousands to leave as well, so as to maintain the order the went had gone through, the volunteers held hands to make a human chain to separate the pedestrians from the vehicles, to avoid any jams or accidents.

AAP Small Things Make Big Difference

Mean while at the premise the supporters and volunteers got together to clean the place, they collected and disposed of the litter that was created during the event, nobody asked them to clean as it was responsibility of the local municipal corporation, but still we did as we would have done it in our home, because this country is our home not just the premise of the house we live in. It reminded me a lot of the I Love My City New Delhi Connaught Place Market cleanliness event.

AAP Awareness Roadshow

If you have doubts on what kind of people are these in the AAP team, just attend one of their events, like the road shows I attended in the past two days, and even if you don’t get inspired by AAP which is a rare chance but you will surely fall in love with your country, that is the type of people there are.

The event begins with all volunteers and supporters meeting at a pre-decided place, and from there they walk in a single or double line, distributing pamphlets and interacting with people, you may think this is the same thing others do to, so here is more, these AAP people actually have a singer and an instrument player among them, and people walk singing and clapping along the way.

Join them and fall in love with the country all over again!

I know this is just a small gesture, but it makes a huge difference, as one of the Auto-wala (Auto Driver) did stop me to tell me how much he liked AAP and this peaceful march we were having, and how this has ensured him that he will surely vote of AAP. He wasn’t the only one, there were others, like the local street vendor who sold fruits, the lady shoe cobbler, the local construction worker, and many others who were delighted to see positivity of these selfless volunteers.


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