Why are Pro-BJP so #$%&@ abusive on the internet?

I think this is Scaringly racist!

I think this is Scaringly racist!


31Dec 2015

Modi ji, is now the PM of India, Prices are still rising, corruption is rising, crime hasn’t stopped and the main thing that is still alive is the abusive nature of the Modi-BJP supporters (Bhakts)! Send me Screen shots and Links of these Bhakts that continue to be abusive on the internet!

IF YOU ARE A BJP Supporter and Do not abuse and insult people with vulgar language and do comments and if you find posts from Non BJP/ Anti BJP people to be abusive do share, we will post them too.


Click on the image to see post

Election season is here and we the current generation of Indians love giving our opinions, but what happened to the common courtesy and manners? Open TOI or HT Facebook posts, or even the AAP official page’s posts, and read the comments of the Pro BJP people, it is pretty scary as some of them are pretty racist and refer towards killing people for having the freedom of choice to pick an honest no criminal political organization. I am guessing this their way, since Modi’s actions of supporting Asaram, or giving tickets to dangerous criminals and corrupt people they have picked the abusive path.

If you Find such comments, Take a Screen Shot and post it on our FB page, with the link to where you found them. We will add them in the list below.

Here are few examples I randomly found – Click any image to view the post.




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