Arvind Kejriwal gives and Solutions to Corruption Problems

Arvind Kejriwal
I am personally a big fan of Arvind Kejriwal and I think this guy would make for a wonderful Prime Minister of the country.

Now I understand you may not like him or think he forming a political is a selfish motive, but the ideas about how this country should run and how to fix these BIG problems with simple solutions.

Also if you are frustrated of the these corruption problems then you will definitely love this video because he really takes it to them. I think its time he clarifies more who is going to lead what and who will be the PM candidate.

The Video is in Hindi, I hope they add subtitles so it makes it easy for every to understand.


I have been watching this guy since the lok pal movement, and it clearly visible that this is taking a toll on his health. He looks thin and weak and his hair has lost cause color, so if he is reading this blog, I wish him well and hope he takes care of hes health.


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