Can we blame Adult Content for Rapes in India?

Akshay Kumar Himesh and Honey Singh

Honey Singh has been sued for his adult songs by an IPS officer in Uttar Pradesh. The media has picked up this news and you can watch any news they are all going all out against the popular singer. For those who don’t know much about this guy here is the Wikipedia Link  about him.

I would just like to mention in the beginning that I am in no way defending Honey Singh and I myself dislike his abusive songs specially the one mentioned in the news today “Mai hun Balatkari” (I am Rapist) and only taking his point because he’s the one raised in the news these days. I agree the song in particular is disturbing and disgusting, but the real question here is you and me may dislike this song even hate it but what my observations is has led me to believe is this kind of lyrics have a large audience, its like drugs, there is demand hence there is a supply, which is I believe a more serious issue.  I am not sure but I think i this song is years old, before he became the super star he is now, when he used to sings with his friends, again not sure.

The only question I want to raise to the media and all those people who blame these songs and such content for increasing rapes in the country, why is it that its the TV, its reality shows, its western culture (which has lesser and reduction in rape), it’s the girl having a boyfriend, or wearing skirts or jeans and even being unmarried and never the fault of that cruel man that rapes the innocent victim. These explanations have only mean that the rapist is an innocent person with no fault of his brain washed by the above reasons.

I have seen adult content, I have heard such songs and I have female friends and I have Never Ever in my life eve teased or molest a girl. I have always respected girls and never consider them sexual objects.

So please tell me why is that I and many like me respect women and protesting for their safety have watched this content while there are men who are becoming rapists by watching the same content. Couldn’t it be that it’s not the content but the mindsets of of such horrific devils roaming free on the street due to the “No Fear of law” attitude by these guys and the leniency in punishment after being proven guilty.

Arnab Goswami from Times Now said today that he doesn’t want a example of what songs go out in the US, but sir you only mentioned that in the 1990’s they came out with a strict Law that reduced rapes by 70%. So sir don’t you think its shifting the blame on the adult content for horrific tasks these people do.


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