Full Video Shoe Thrown at Arvind Kejriwal – Rohtak 2017

During an anti Demonetisation rally in Haryana Rohtak, a man threw a shoe at Delhi Chief Minster Arvind Kejriwal.

It is very disappointing to see BJP workers stooping to such a level, to physically attack a Chief Minster of a state.

This is nothing new for the Delhi CM, his political opponents has multiple times tried to attack him, be it with ink, shoes etc.

As you can see in the video, the person who attacked the Delhi CM has been caught and handed over to the police.


My take on “Who Really Owns NDTV?”

I am writing this blog as a curious reader and follower of the social, political and economic news relating to the country and in reply to the recent trending article on “Moneylife.in” & “Newslaundry.com”.

To Sucheta Dalal &  Arunabh Saikia

Twitter did not have enough space for me to clearly express my confusions about your article and in now way am I defending NDTV or others named in your article.


My writing, investigating or journalist skills are not as good as you guys so please forgive my naiveness in this article, also I can’t stress this enough that this specifically to clear my confusion on your article and current matter and not in any way to question your integrity.

So here are my doubts

  1. If you look below in the first image ‘Point (i), (iii)’ I Could not find the mentioned documents online on which the whole conversation is based on.

    Image One

    Image One

  2. If you see (ii) there is a bank, now what I could find was in 2008 they allegedly took a loan from ‘India Bulls Finance‘ and ‘ICICI‘ of Rs. 363 Crores and Rs 73.91 Crores respectively which is a total of Rs. 437 Crores approx according to this article on http://defenceforumindia.com (can’t confirm authenticity). But the Hoot tells a different story as you can see in image 2.
    Image two

    Image two

    The Above “Image two” has be extracted from the hoot from their Article NDTV–Targeted by the BJP? NDTV Tax Story – Part III. Within this media house they believe that there is a BJP link connecting the politicians and journalists who target them. PRANATI MEHRA and PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA report Posted/Updated Friday, Mar 28 12:00:58, 2014

  3. Both the statements from Newslaundry.com and Moneylife.in are based on the undisclosed documents as you can see in ‘Image Three’ below

    Image Three

    Image Three

  4. Non of the links that are mentioned in the point 5 (Image Four) provide any corroboration for the documents or make a connection with RRPR or NDTV, while they do bring to light the influence of Reliance over the media.

    Image Four

    Image Four

If you look around my blog, you will notice that I have a soft corner for AAP, not a bhakt follower, but do trust them above any other party in India. Hence, I have no gain in favouring Reliance, Ambani or any media house, as their manipulation of facts and their opinions as news has become a common practice.
Two reasons why this news caught my attention was (a) among all the shouting and biased news out there NDTV seem to be the Shaant types, (b) there was very less sources to back the claims one can base there opinion on.

Sources I referred to:-

Decoding #OpenYourLegs going viral in India

Barkha Dutt on #OpenYourLegs

This Picture does summarise the story

If you read my posts during the election campaign, or if you indulged in the Politics and election debates on any social networking platform, be it Facebook, twitter or even comments sections of news sites, you know how abusive the fans/ trolls of the communist party that got majority in the general elections, can become. Their words may even seem like those of the criminals we sworn to hang. Continue reading

People will defend riots and murder if prefixed by religion


I really hope I am completely wrong on this one but the latest news do seem to be an indications that something big and very bad is coming towards us in the near future.

The news is about pune, one of the most diverse cities in the country, attracting everyone with its promising growth in the IT sector, the place you least expect to have any communal or regional tension, its the city of students and educated people. All this changed on sunday when some pictures which were ‘allegedly‘ depicting marathi warrior shiva ji & former shiv sena leader in bad way, the allies/ Maharashtra wing of the current ruling government (shiv sena) took to the streets and the witness described it as no less than a riot. Continue reading

Inside Aam Admi Party events

AAP Bang

I visited few of the AAM ADMI PARTY events, and here are the few things I noticed, before, during and after the events,

16th March, Arwind Kejriwal Visits Banglore

Before the event

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AAP volunteers guiding the crowd so that everything goes in an orderly fashion, while some volunteers are playing the live music on stage and singing patriotic songs, old and new. There is a vibe of happiness and positivity in the crowd, people are walking in lines, helping each other, sharing water bottles, greeting each other with smiles. It had been a long time since I attended any such events, last one was the  the Anna movement in Delhi back in 2011. Continue reading